Design Services

At Aura, we know a thing or two about design. Our expert team have been producing incredible branding for years.

Design is an integral part of any business, whether your logo, website, vehicle, office, or clothing.

Get in touch to see what our team can offer and to establish your requirements and expectations.

We can help you bring your brand to life through our highly skilled design team who will work from concept to creation to ensure your visions are brought to life.

What is digital design? Digital design includes animation and videos; it's anything that moves. Digital design helps you make your projects more dynamic and capture your customer's attention.

  • Logo & Brand Development
  • Concept Designs
  • Digital Design
  • Full Campaign Development
  • Vehicle & Architectural 3D design
  • Article & Advert Creation

No matter the channel, our creative approach enables you to stand out, engage with your customers and build your brand.

Aura Design Concept

Is a brand important?

Yes! Your brand is what your customer will remember.

If you have a solid consistent brand, your customers will begin to recognise you when they see it - keeping you in mind even when they are not looking to buy.

How involved do I have to be with design?

As much or as little as you would like, you can work one on one with our designers if you have a specific idea of exactly what you want. Or we can work on the project for you and present it back at each milestone.

Whether you have designs ready to go, an idea in your head or a doodle on a post-it, our team are skilled in capturing your ideas to deliver you precisely what you are looking for.

Got a project for us?